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Глобс пишет, что солнечную электростанцию в Негеве начнут строить через годик.

Сорри, что не привожу ссылку на сайт Глобса. Они очень шустро свои статьи в платный архив кладут.

Work expected to start soon on Negev solar power station

The new station will initially have an annual production capacity of 100 megawatts.
Construction work on Israel’s first solar-operated power station is due to get underway soon.
Public Utilities Authority (Electricity) director-general David Assous told
“Globes” that a number of documents were all that stood in the way of the
project, which will be constructed by alternative energy firm Solel Solar Systems Ltd., the only
company involved in the project to date. The company said that the documents
would be forwarded to Assous within a matter of days, although preliminary
approval for Solel will take several weeks to come through at the earliest.
The new station will be constructed on a 9,000 dunam (2,250 acre) lot in the
Negev and will eventually have an annual maximum capacity of 500 megawatts.
Solel will initially build a station with an annual capacity of 100 megawatts,
which will be gradually increased to 500 megawatts within a few years.
The preparations for building are expected to take a year, with construction
of stage I expected to take two years to complete. The solar power station will
become operational within three years, provided that there are no unexpected

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news

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