Shaul Reznik (shaulreznik) wrote in meast_ru,
Shaul Reznik

"With his walrus moustache and easy smile, the 57-year-old Shagal gives the appearance of someone who has fallen incongruously into the Knesset. (...) Coming from Azerbaijan, Shagal said he was in a unique position to understand Lieberman's objectives, including his plan to reduce the number of Arab citizens of Israel.

"I lived in a mostly Muslim state for most of my life, and while I was there I respected [Azerbaijan] and its ways, even when it was painful for me to do so," said Shagal. "Ultimately, I decided to leave for Israel, where my people, the Jewish people, are. My experience is very similar to what Lieberman proposes for the Arabs."

(Securing a Knesset seat in only one month)

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