Добрый самаритянин (trurle) wrote in meast_ru,
Добрый самаритянин

Бейлин о Веллстоне

Читаю за кофе JP и вижу там ссылку на статью Бейлина, Farewell to a fighter in the Senate
Думаю: наверняка про покойного Веллстона. Открываю линк - так и есть. Пустячок, а приятно.
Я тут заодно и подумал - наверняка про смерть Веллстона уже сочинили конспиративные теории.
А сама статья поражает воображение.

When Senator Paul Wellstone announced a few months ago that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he was simply sharing information the public needed to know about its elected officials. He did not attach his statement to an announcement of his resignation from political life./.../
Just like German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, Wellstone (originally Wexlerstein) belonged to the generation of 1968 - young idealists who fought against the Establishment for equality and social justice, and even after they got their hair cut and put on suits, they still kept their revolutionary spark and the belief they could change the world./.../
He welcomed every diplomatic initiative toward the Palestinians and the Syrians and encouraged our withdrawal from Lebanon./.../
As opposed to other congressmen who suppress their own views out of fear of AIPAC's heavy hand, Wellstone never hesitated to voice his opinion. /.../
The sophistication of his analysis was in marked contrast to that of Bush, who was revealed to be ignorant regarding international affairs.

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