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35 percent of Israeli Jews favor eliminating Arabic as official language

By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

Thirty-five percent of Jewish citizens oppose the law designating Arabic as an official language of the State of Israel, a poll conducted by Mossawa, The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, revealed on Wednesday.

The poll also showed that 45 percent of Jewish citizens said they oppose the decision to reopen a police investigation into the October 2000 riots in which 13 Arabs - 12 Israeli citizens and one Palestinian - were killed by police.

Thirty-four percent of poll respondents said they oppose closing probes into the October 2000 events and 17 percent said they had no opinion on the matter.

Sixty percent of Jewish citizens feels that there exists anti-Arab racism in Israel while 29 percent believe Arab citizens are not the targets of racism.

Fifty-one percent of Israeli Jews feels the Arab population should be granted the right to independently manage their education system, cultural life and other community matters.

The poll drew distinctions between the Russian Jewish sector and the general Jewish population. It was found that 57 percent of immigrants from the former Soviet Union (FSU) say they believe that Israeli Arabs should not be granted collective rights. Only 26 percent of immigrants from the FSU believe Israeli Arabs face discrimination while 50 percent say they believe there is no anti-Arab racism in Israel.

The survey was published to mark the opening of the Mossawa Days Festival in Nazareth. ("Mossawa" in Arabic means "equality").

In the framework of the festival, films will be screened every evening starting on Thursday at the Nazareth cinematheque - the only such venue in the Israeli Arab sector.

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