Frodo (stas) wrote in meast_ru,

В Ливане все спокойно?

Из Аруц-7:

After four months of nothing more than mostly harmless anti-aircraft fire
across the northern border, Lebanese Hizbullah terrorists fired anti-tank
rockets at the IDF's Har Dov outpost this afternoon. Three soldiers were
wounded in the heavy onslaught, including one in "moderate"
condition. Israeli helicopters and mortar batteries returned fire.

Цитата из интервью Яалона:

Is the threat from the north more serious or less serious than it was before
the withdrawal from southern Lebanon?

"The potential that exists today in Lebanon is far graver than it was in the
period when we were in the security zone [an Israeli-controlled strip on the
Lebanese side of the border]. Hezbollah, together with the Syrians and the
Iranians, has created a strategic threat to the north of the country, which
consists of a combination of rockets of various types and various ranges
that are threatening Israeli population centers in the north."


Does that mean that Syria is turning toward confrontation with Israel?

"Syria is turning toward support for terrorism. It is not interested in an
army versus army clash - under no circumstances. Part of the difference
between Bashar Assad and his father is due to the fact that Bashar's
formative experience is not the military defeats of 1967 and 1973, which his
father experienced personally. Bashar's formative experience is the Israeli
withdrawal from Lebanon, which occurred shortly after he assumed power. His
conclusion from that was that terrorism is victorious.


Do you think the withdrawal from Lebanon was a mistake?

Leaving Lebanon was a matter of time. The question was when and how to
leave. We have to investigate this: Was the timing of the departure correct
when we knew that the process with the Palestinians would be completed in
September 2000, or should we have restrained ourselves for another half a
year? It is also right to ask whether there was a way to execute the
withdrawal in a manner that would not strengthen Hezbollah and the Iranians.
Today the withdrawal from Lebanon is perceived in the region as the major
success of the export of the Islamic revolution. That is why it has a
strategic price. It had implications for the Palestinian arena and in the
long run, it also has implications with regard to the Syrians. It greatly
reinforces the theory of the spider web.

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