Frodo (stas) wrote in meast_ru,

буги-вуги - такой нерусский танец

Интервью с Моше "Буги" Яалоном - новым начгенштаба:


Does that mean that any move involving unilateral withdrawal before the
confrontation is resolved and before the violence ends is dangerous?

"Of course. That would give a push to the struggle against us. Even if
tactically it appears right to withdraw from here or from there, from the
strategic perspective, it is different.

In other words, as chief of staff, you are saying that even if you need a
battalion to hold an isolated settlement, if we leave it we will need a
great deal more?



If so, and if the position of the Palestinians is as you say, where is all
this leading? What will the end be? How long are we to live by the sword?


But in the situation of Israel, nowism is false messianism. Nowism is the
mother of all sins. And it makes no difference whether to the word `now' is
added `messiah' [thus, `messiah now'] or something else now.

И еще много интересного.

И шо с этого будет, Беня?

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