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За генерала Яалона
200 человек участвовали сегодня в демонстрации против увольнения
начальника генштаба.
(Jpost today)

200 people gathered at the Kiria in Tel Aviv Sunday to protest the dismissal of IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Moshe Ya'alon. Whether fellow soldiers from his 37-year career in the army, or childhood friends from the kibbutz, they all put aside personal politics to share stories about a man they call, "the best."

"You look around and the people here come from the far-right, the far-left, and the center of the political circle," said Ben-Zion Rubinfeld, a childhood friend of Ya'alon's.

"We are all putting aside how we feel about politics to stand here and support a man who deserves to be supported."

In front of the protestors stood a pile of manure, and a sign reading "Mofaz, you have stunk up the army."

"Mofaz should be ashamed for how he has done this," said Natan Ziribi, from Kiriyat Shmona. "A man such as Ya'alon does not deserve to be treated this way. He is a great man who should be respected."

The protestors gathered in a circle sharing personal stories about Mofaz for nearly two hours, as cars passing by honked their horns in support

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