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State-sanctioned terror in Europe

State-sanctioned terror in Europe

11/27/2004 4:05:27 PM The Pro-Democracy Lobby

The situation for Europe’s Middle Eastern communities is far from pleasant. Jews, Kurds, Assyrians, Iranians and other minority communities with a background in the Middle East are left unprotected by many European governments.

Iranian and Syrian intelligence are very active in Western Europe and cause immense trouble to minority communities here. Syrian intelligence has even managed to take control over some Assyrian communities in Europe. Iranian intelligence has been very successful in penetrating the Iranian Diaspora to the extent that Iranian exiles cannot trust any fellow Iranian in Europe for fear of moles from Iranian intelligence.

At the same time, Iranian intelligence has made extensive efforts to penetrate Jewish institutions throughout Europe. European Jewry now only waits for the next Buenos Aires. In the early 1990’s Iranian intelligence orchestrated two terrorist mega-attacks in Buenos Aires, Argentina, against the Israeli Embassy (1992) and against the Jewish community center (1994), killing a total of 116 and injuring over 350. The unthinkable is once more realistic as totalitarian preparations to murder European Jews are actively tolerated by some European governments.

Syrian intelligence has been even more successful in instilling fear in the hearts of expatriate current and former Syrian and Lebanese citizens. For most of the time, those who have fled the tyranny of the Baathist regime dare not speak out against the terror masters in Damascus. The Syrian Mukhabarat (secret police) terrorizes, extorts and threatens many citizens and residents of Europe. Refugees from Syria, Lebanon and south-western Kurdistan who have reached out to European Jews have received threats from the Mukhabarat that unless they refrain from contacts with Jews their relatives living under Baathist rule will suffer immensely. The Kurds, Syrians and Lebanese in Europe know that these are not empty threats and that their relatives face clear and present danger.

There are many cases of citizens and residents of Europe who have been murdered by Iranian intelligence where subsequently the murderers were allowed to return to Iran without facing prosecution in Europe. Often the murderers once more come back to Europe to continue their terrorist activities without ever facing prosecution here.

Naturally, a totalitarian regime seeks to extend its reign of fear even outside of its own borders. However, the response of many European governments to this has been cynical to say the least.

Current foreign policy in most European countries towards the Middle East is primarily based on promoting exports of a rather limited volume. Iran in particular has been successful in conditioning its trade with European countries. Middle Eastern communities in Europe have largely paid the price for this as Iranian intelligence has de facto been given a free hand to terrorize Europe’s Jews, Kurds and Iranians.

European governments must protect all citizens and residents of Europe irrespective of ethnicity or religious affiliation. Here, they can learn a few things from the US and Israeli governments who will literally do everything to protect their citizens. As there is increasing cultural diversity in Europe, European governments need to understand that they must provide security and guarantee freedom not only to the ethnic majority but to all citizens and legal immigrants in their countries. Needless to say, what goes on in Europe would never be tolerated in the United States of America.

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