anonimi (ex_anonimi) wrote in meast_ru,

Вот палестинец объясняет, как палестинцы смотрят на Программу.

Есть основания ему не доверять?

--- Citation:

If the Israeli withdrawal was being carried out in belated recognition and acceptance of the demands made by UN Security Council Resolution 242 to adhere to the "inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war " this would indeed be a very happy day. Of course, then the withdrawal would need to be comprehensive and include the rest of the occupied territories: all the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

And it would need, as Resolution 242 states, "a just settlement of the Palestinian refugee problem."

SOME LEFT-WING Israelis are privately telling Palestinians that the importance of the withdrawal and settlement evacuation is that it sets an important precedent.

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