Zurafa (zurafa) wrote in meast_ru,

печально знакомо

из статьи Melanie Philips, довольно известной английской журналистки:
[Israel] has all but turned its back on the hate-fest in Europe. As its diaspora minister Natan Sharansky admitted, it has actually vacated the battlefield of European antisemitism and effectively abandoned British and European Jews to fight this poison virtually unaided.

Time after time, diaspora Jews have pleaded with Israel’s government to bring some professionalism to the statement of its case -- only to be slapped down by expressions of mulish indifference or active resentment, on the grounds that Britain and Europe are lost causes and that diaspora Jews should either make aliyah* or shut up.

The result has been a shambolic and incoherent presentation of its case; a complete absence of any publicly sustained forensic attack on the prejudice surging throughout Europe and the Islamic world; ...

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