July 8th, 2004

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Изучив языка, любят быстрой езды

Аналитика от Абзаца, обнаруженная whitebear. Содержимое этой заказной статьи находится в гармоническом сродстве с уровнем владения русским языком:

Черной – один из лидеров русскоязычной общины Израиля. Русские и так страдают от стереотипа «русской мафии». Дело Лернера, бизнесмена средней руки, совершенно неизвестного в России, превращенного израильской полицией в «крестного отца русской мафии», было шоу, ударившим по всей русской общине. Черного также хотели посадить – устроить второй показательный процесс. Не удалось. Тогда решили выгнать.

Одержимость полиции в отношении русских бизнесменов говорит общине о том, что старая элита не хочет, чтобы у русских в Израиле возникла своя сверх-крупная бизнес-элита.

Помимо всего прочего это ухудшает отношения с Россией. Официальные правоохранительные органы РФ заявляют, что в СНГ у Черного нет уголовного прошлого, а полиция Израиля – что есть. Это выказывание презрения к официальной позиции России.
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Bad News from Israel

a study of TV new coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and of how this coverage relates to the understanding, beliefs and attitudes of the television audience.

Some Major Findings:

2) TV news says almost nothing about the history or origins of the conflict. The great majority on viewers depended on this news as their main source of information. The gaps in their knowledge closely paralleled the 'gaps' in the news. Most did not know that the Palestinians had been forced from their homes and land when Israel was established in 1948. In 1967 Israel occupied by force the territories to which the Palestinian refugees had moved. Most viewers did not know that the Palestinians subsequently lived under Israeli military rule or that the Israelis took control of key resources such as water, and the damage this did to the Palestinian economy. Without explanations being given on the news, there was great confusion amongst viewers even about who was 'occupying' the occupied territories. Some understood 'occupied' to mean that someone was on the land (as in a bathroom being occupied) so they thought that the Palestinians were the occupiers. Many saw the conflict as a sort of border dispute between two countries fighting over land between them. As one viewer put it:

"The impression I got (from news) was that the Palestinians had lived around about that area and now they were trying to come back and get some more some more land for themselves - I didn’t realise they had been driven out of places in wars previously."
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В тему к "еврейским - экстремистам"

По брешет Бэт, интервью Кармелы Менаше с бывшим агентом ШАБАКа внедрявшимся и организовавшим группировки "еврейских поселенцев экстремистов".
ШАБАК оказывается использовал их для... запугивания тех палесов, которые слишком вые..лись. То есть ущерб имуществу и драки организовывались шабакными агентами, с целью заставить кое-кого из палестинских экстремистов покинуть Иудею и Самарию!!
При этом в Изариле это использовали левые для демонизации поселенцев, "мешающих мирному процессу" ...

Мда.... и рыбку съели и поселенцев подставили...
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Review of "The Case for Israel", by Alan Dershowitz
By Salomon Benzimra [April, 2004]

Note: References to book pages are listed as "(p. Nm)", where "N" is the page number and "m" a letter from "a" to "d", reflecting the relative position in the page, the suffix "a" being the top of the page and the suffix "d" the bottom of the page.

In the thirty-two chapters of his book, Alan Dershowitz has masterfully highlighted facts that most people either ignore, forget or purposefully dismiss. I applaud his effort in shedding light into recent historical facts and I hope this book will bring Israel's detractors a bit closer to the reality they have consistently distorted.

However, if after reading the book one reads again its introduction, as I have done, the reader will be faced with a couple of apparent contradictions, on which I comment below. To his credit, Mr. Dershowitz "welcomes vigorous discussion about 'The Case for Israel'". I trust the following observations will contribute to the debate.

From the very bCollapse )

Jewish Radicalism or Government Incitement

The Shin Bet chief warned of increasing right-wing extremism in Israel. "There is certainly a trend of radicalism in the far-Right," Avi Dichter was referring to mounting public calls by right-wing leaders for settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to resist any attempt to evacuate them under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon´s "disengagement" plan. The Yesha Rabbinical Council termed the Dichter statement "incitement and provocation to hatred against an entire public." It also charged that for years, "law enforcement agencies have ignored repeated law-breaking by leftist extremists," yet they are now preparing for battle against opCollapse )