November 5th, 2003


Sharon reloaded

The evil Zionist hegemony of the media is at its peak, now being almost transcendental. Sudite sami (izwinyayus' za anglijskij i za wozmozhnoe otsutstwie originalnosti):
Morpheus (The Matrix Reloaded), speaking to the people of Zion:
Tonight let us send a message to that army, let us shake this cage. Tonight, let us tremble this earth rock and stone, tonight. Let us make them remember, this is Zion and we are not afraid. And after one hundred years (sic!), I remember that which matters most... WE ARE STILL HERE!
Ariel Sharon (2001): For those who are tired, it is worthwhile looking at the past. We don't live only by the sword - as if the only thing that we have done here over the past 100 years is grasp the sword! I remember when I was working with my father weeding a watermelon patch. It was very hot and I was dying of thirst and thousands of flies buzzing faintly would get into my mouth and my ears, and my father felt it was hard for me, that I was very tired. He would tell me to stop for a minute and both of us would lean on our hoes and he would wave his hand and say, Arik, look how much weуve done already. And then we would go on. So that is what I am saying to you now, when you ask me that question: Look how much we've done already.