June 1st, 2003

  • letaet

Мученицы - теперь и у "Исламского джихада"


Voice of Palestine: The New Ideology of Israeli Arabs



Arab MKs, who possess firsthand knowledge of the discourse of the Jewish majority, are aware of the effect their radical statements are having on the country. Yet they persist, even at the cost of widening the social and political chasm dividing Arab and Jew. The Arab public, and particularly the younger elites who will soon assume the mantle of leadership, support this trend and continuously carry it further. Under such circumstances, it is hard to offer an optimistic perspective on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel-regardless of whether the state offers viable solutions for the problems of civic and economic inequality. These issues no longer hold the attention of Arab politicians and their voters; instead, the Arabs of Israel have taken up a set of radical, nationalist demands which the Jewish majority cannot possibly satisfy. Given the ongoing challenges facing the Jewish state, from within and without, the signs are not encouraging for a compromise in the near future.