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Победа Сил Добра над Силами Разума

Никому эта история не напоминает истерию о происках вредителей в СССР в 1930е годы?

Man finds Hebrew writing on mug sold by Sidon supermarket

A man on Friday found Hebrew writings on a ceramic cup he purchased from a supermarket in Sidon, meaning that the boycott of Israeli products was bypassed.

The man, who spoke to The Daily Star on condition of anonymity, said the cup was packaged with a brand of cheese as a gift, and that he noticed the writing on the back of the cup once he was home.

Since Lebanon is officially at war with Israel, the government boycotts Israeli products and bans commercial dealings with Israel. It also boycotts any international companies with major investments in the Jewish state.

The man said that he informed local security and commercial authorities directly after he discovered the writing.

Official sources told The Daily Star that the supermarket in question was believed to have packaged the cup with the cheese to encourage people to buy it.

“How the cups got into Lebanon is a matter that will be investigated,” one security source said. He did not say whether the supermarket in question would face legal action. “It will be the decision of the judiciary once preliminary investigations are completed by us ­ the security authorities.”

The supermarket’s administration denied any wrongdoing. “The cup did not come from our supermarket,” one administrator said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

As security officials were investigating who was responsible for the scheme and were taking this merchandise off the market, The Daily Star noticed that the supermarket in question took the cheese and the cups of its shelves.


В Нью-Джерси я видел грузовики с надписью ZIM латиницей и צים еврейскими буквами. Возможно, эта чашка тоже была произведена еврейской компанией в США или Австралии, а не в Израиле - кто знает?

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