Shaul Reznik (shaulreznik) wrote in meast_ru,
Shaul Reznik

Д-р Алек Эпштейн

It might not be an accident that Epstein, 28,
has assumed the pose of sociologist of Israeli
sociologists. His critical perspective derives
partly from the fact that he is still
considered a new immigrant though he immigrated
to Israel from the Commonwealth of Independent
States 13 years ago. But it's also a matter of
personality; Epstein does not fit into any
single, neat category.

In the past, he refused to serve in the Israel
Defense Forces, for reasons of conscience as a
pacifist. Thus he might be considered a
leftist. He lives in Ma'aleh Adumim outside of
Jerusalem, and emphatically calls his home town
a "settlement," a designation used mostly by
the radical left in Israel. Yet Epstein rejects
this classification, "leftist," with disdain;
instead, he presents himself as a "liberal," in
the tradition of Bertrand Russell. He has
respect for Dr. Azmi Bishara, the controversial
Israeli Arab politician; yet in the last
election Epstein cast his ballot for Natan

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