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Israel in the European Union!

Marco Pannella, a member of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with Israel, will be in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for an official visit of the Delegation from Saturday 17 May to Wednesday 21 May.

As you know, since the 1980s the Transnational Radical Party has been campaigning for Israeli membership of the European Union, a campaign which has culminated in the last year with an on-line appeal signed so far by over 4,700 people, including 1,400 from Israel. Last June, together with a Radical delegation composed of Yasha Reibman, Sergio Rovasio, Martin Schulthes, Antonio Cerrone and David Carretta, Marco Pannella visited Jerusalem for a series of important meetings and debates, and to promote the campaign for Israeli membership of the European Union.

The visit of the European Parliament Delegation is an opportunity to relaunch this common objective. With a delegation from the Transnational Radical Party, Marco Pannella will be in Jerusalem from Friday 16 May and after the end of the official visit of the EP Delegation. Two meetings will be scheduled:

  • a discussion and information meeting with those who have signed the "Israel in the European Union" appeal and anyone else who may be interested;
  • a political deb te, whose participants have yet to be finalised.

Детали по почте: pannella.israele@radicali.it

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